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What is neo-Calvinism?

Neo-Calvinism as a strain in the Christian tradition stands in line with Augustine, Calvin, and many others; it is world-transformative, focused not only on the church, but on society at large, and is committed to the common good. Neo-Calvinism has given a new impulse to this Christian tradition from the late 19th century on, offering a specific contribution to the reflection on the relation of Christianity and Modernity. For a century and a half, neo-Calvinism has been an immense, formative power in church, state and civil society in the Netherlands and abroad. Kampen Theological University is one of the institutions standing in this tradition. The NRI considers neo-Calvinism to be an important contribution in the ongoing struggle of our society with modernity. It has a distinct voice in the present debate about religion and modern society, especially for its capacity to discern and honor both diversity and unity; in its contribution to this debate, neo-Calvinism stimulates theological, philosophical and historical reflection. Therefore this tradition is a valuable resource in reflecting modern questions.