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Upcoming Events

Neocalvinismus: Europäische Formationen und Vernetzungen einer transnationalen theologischen Bewegung

Wuppertal, 29 Feb – 2 Mar 2024

Der „Neocalvinismus“ wird bisweilen auf eine nieder-ländische Bewegung reduziert. Die internationale Vernetzung ist bisher wenig erforscht. Die Tagung verfolgt darum das Ziel, die internationale Bedeutung des Neocalvinismus, die Netzwerke, Gesprächs-konstellationen sowie die theologischen Entwicklungen und Formationen in europäischen und außereuro-päischen Kontexten nachzuzeichnen.

European Neo-Calvinism Conference 2024

Amsterdam, 29 Aug – 30 Aug 2024

This conference is devoted to the engagement of Neo-Calvinism with modern capitalism. This relationship will be explored from several perspectives. Historically, it will deal with the rise and development of Neo-Calvinist socio-economic thought—roughly from “Groen to Goudzwaard,” but also in its international transmission in the 20th and 21st centuries. Philosophically and theologically, the key question of how we should evaluate Neo-Calvinist thought on these issues will be posed. What is its use for contemporary challenges such as increasing inequality and climate change?

About Our Institute

Religion deeply influences how we live and think. The Neo-Calvinism Research Institute (NRI) at Theological University Utrecht examines how this relation takes shape and develops globally over time in the tradition of Neo-Calvinism.

To conduct academic research in relation to this tradition, we promote, support, supervise and coordinate the work of researchers, offer education on neo-Calvinism, organize conferences and expert meetings, facilitate publication of research, and present a collection of sources from representatives of Neo-Calvinism.